School Nurse

What services we provide: 

  • Chronic medical illness management at school such as Type 1 Diabetes.

  • Concussion screening, evaluation and return to play/learn guidance and testing.

  • Triaging of acute illnesses and injury

  • Medication administration for acute needs during the school hours.

  • Depression and Anxiety Evaluation.

  • Blood pressure monitoring.

  • Administration of prescribed medications.


All students are required to have a consent form to utilize the Student Health Centers services:

Brimley Area Schools Health Center Consent Form

Medication Consent: Required for any prescription medication as well as over the counter medication that is not on our standing orders. Must be completed by parent and prescribing provider to be valid.

Medication Consent Form

Diabetic Forms: If your child is a Type 1 Diabetic, they will need to have a diabetic action plan completed by their provider. If they self-manage, then they will need the self-manage consent form completed. There will also be a Diabetes Emergency Response Plan for Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia that needs to be completed.

Diabetes Action Plan

Diabetes Self Management Consent

Diabetes Hyperglycemia Emergency Action Plan

Diabetes Hypoglycemia Emergency Action Plan

Asthma Forms: We require students to have a medication consent for completed as above as well as an Asthma Emergency Action Plan!

Asthma Emergency Action Plan

Anaphylaxis Action Plan: We require students to have a medication consent form completed located above as well as an Allergy Emergency Action Plan.

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan

Sports Physical Forms: Both forms must be completed prior to your appointment and parental signature in place, or you will be rescheduled.

MHSAA Physical Exam/Medical History Form

Bay Mills Health Center Sports Physical Consent