School Newsletter

Our School:

  1. Our school operates with cooperation, communication and trust.

  2. In our school a positive message is spread about the school by all faculty and staff.

  3. In our school students and staff feel good about themselves and the school.

  4. In our school it is understood that each staff member contributes to the overall success of the school.

  5. Our school does not operate on an “us versus them” basis.

  6. In our school a diploma means that graduates are well-prepared to continue their education or enter the world of work.

  7. In our school all classes are relevant to the real world.

  8. In our school character education is an important part of every classroom in every grade.

  9. Our school is inviting to all who enter.  It is clean, bright, cheery, and staffed by smiling people who are considerate and responsive to visitors, students and other staff.

  10. In our school respect for others is the cornerstone of all relationships.

  11. In our school differences are accepted and dealt with in a rational manner.

  12. In our school decisions are made based on what is in the best interest of the children.

  13. Our school’s goal is to become the school of choice in our area.

  14. Our school is something we are all proud of.

  15. Our school lives up to its motto, “Brimley Area Schools, where everybody is somebody”.