• Weekly Writing Prompts

    Friday, 9/17 (due 9/24):

    • Persuasive writing: What is one local, national, or global issue you care a lot about? Why is it so important to you? What would you like to see done about the issue?
    • Fictional writing: Write a story about two characters. One has magic, and the other does not. However, the second wants nothing more than to have magic. How far is that one person willing to go to make that magic theirs?
    • Descriptive writing: What is the most beautiful nature scene you have ever had the pleasure of seeing? Describe what it looked like so your reader can clearly picture it.

     Friday, 9/24 (due 10/1):

    • Cultural criticism: In what ways has social media changed our culture? Have the changes been positive or negative?
    • Fictional story: Write a story about a parent whose child has vanished. Twenty years later, that parent gets a call from a private investigator saying she knows the whereabouts of the missing daughter. When the parent goes to meet with the investigator, she finds out that the investigator is her long-lost daughter.
    • Travel writing: Write about a trip you took that opened your eyes in some way about yourself, about someone else, or about the world.

    Friday, 10/1 (due 10/7):

    • Fan fiction: Write a story inspired by your favorite book, TV show, movie, etc.
    • Opinion writing: What is the one thing you think should be improved about your hometown? 
    • Reflective writing: Write a letter to a person one step below you in school. What knowledge, wisdom, and/or skills do you wish someone had imparted to you at that stage?

    Friday, 10/15 (due 10/22):

    • Unpopular opinion: Write a declaration and explanation of some unpopular opinions you hold. For example, write about how top sheets are useless, how superhero movies are extremely overdone and not very good, how too much frosting ruins a perfectly good cupcake, or how ranch dressing ruins everything it touches.
    • Quote explanation: What is your favorite quote? It can be a movie or book quote, a proverb, a song lyric, or a wise quote said by someone you know. Why is it your favorite? How can it be applied to your life?
    • Poetry: Write a poem about a hard lesson learned. It can be true and personal to you or to someone you know, or it can be about a fictional person's experience.

    Friday, 10/22 (due 10/29):

    • Science fiction: Write a story in which the main characters are human, but they live for some reason on another planet. You can choose whichever reason you want for them being on another planet, and you can choose the extent to which the setting affects the plot of your story.
    • Dialogue: Write a story in which the entire plot is revealed through dialogue. Two characters are reminiscing about something that happened in the past, or one character is explaining to a second character something that happened in the past.
    • Sports writing: Which team is your favorite? Write about why that team is the one for you.

    Friday, 11/12 (due 11/19):

    • Personal reflection: Write about what is best about you. What are your good qualilites? Are you determined, funny, or an absolutely loyal friend? Give examples to prove that you have the great qualities you say you have.
    • Informational writing: Write a step-by-step explanation of how to do something you know how to do well. It could be how to cook a particular dish, how to change a flat tire, how to play the snare drum correctly, etc. 
    • Fictional writing: Write about a character who accepts that he or she must sacrifice something of value to them in order to fix a bad situation.

    Friday, 11/19 (due Tuesday, 11/23):

    • Narrative writing: Write a narrative - fictional or nonfictional - about someone who had to let go of something toxic in his or her life in order to be able to move forward.
    • Current events: Write about something that's on the news right now (COVID, politics, world events, etc). What is your understanding of the event? What is your opinion about it?
    • Pop culture review: Write a review of a movie, song, album, video game, TV show, book, fashion trend, etc. that is popular right now. What is it? What is your opinion of it, and why?

    Friday, 12/3 (due 12/10):

    • Self-reflection: Write about a time when you did something that made you feel truly proud of yourself.
    • Ode: Write an ode to one of the seasons. In the first line, address the season as if it were a person (Eg, "Oh Winter, you make us seek hot cups of peppermint tea").
    • Romance with a twist: Your character is the first person in history to ever fall in love. They cannot describe the feeling to anybody else, especially not the person for whom they’ve fallen head over heels.

    Friday, 12/10 (due 12/17):

    • Mystery: Your character opens an old sketchbook to try their hand at it again after years of being too busy with other things. When they open it, their half-finished pieces from years ago are completed… and it wasn’t their doing.
    • Personal reflection: Explore an opinion that you held in the past but have since questioned or changed. What led you to change that opinion?
    • Personal narrative: Write about a time when you either received or gave a nice compliment. What was the situation? What was the effect of the compliment?

    Friday, 1/28 (due 2/4):

    • Look through the prompts listed above, and write about any prompt you haven't written about yet.

    Friday, 2/4 (due 2/11):

    • Write about a character who, after witnessing the horrors of rising crime and drug rates in his neighborhood, ran away to live on his own in a secluded wooded area. Now, after several years of solitude, people start filing into his neck of the woods covered in wounds, tattered clothing, and bruises.
    • Write about a single member of each noble family in a Medieval kingdom who has been murdered every week for the past two months. Your character is of a noble household and can barely sleep each night. They decide to find out who is responsible.
    • Who do you respect the most? Why is that person so worthy of your respect? Write an explanation.

    Friday, 2/11 (due 2/18):

    • In 1983, Howard Gardner published Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, in which he proposed that there are eight different types of intelligence: musical intelligence, visual/spatial intelligence, logical/mathematical intelligence, language/verbal intelligence, bodily/kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and naturalistic intelligence. My strengths are verbal, mathematical, musical, and interpersonal; my weaknesses are naturalistic and visual/spatial. Do a bit of research about this and then write about where your strengths and weaknesses lie in regards to Gardner's theory.
    • How would your life be different if you were fundamentally different in some aspect of your identity? Think about how your birth order, gender, religion, nationality, racial identity, etc. influence your life, and write about how things would be different if you were something other than who you are. 
    • Write a story about someone your age, but set the story in your parents' or grandparents' generation. What would the characters be dealing with? Where would the conflict come from?

    Friday,  2/18 (due 2/24 which is Thursday):

    • Write about your favorite memory involving a holiday. What made that particular holiday special?
    • Write about a time when you discovered a new talent either in yourself or someone else (family member, friend, etc.).
    • Write about a character who slowly or suddenly realizes that their life is a reality TV show.

    Thursday, 2/24 (due Friday, 3/4):

    • You are all members of Generation Z. Write a guide for people from other generations (Millenials, Generation X, or Baby Boomers) to help them understand your generation.
    • Write a list of five things you should have learned by now but haven't. For each one, write a paragraph or two to explain and give examples.
    • Write a story about a person whose dreams literally come true. Whatever they dream about happens to them or someone close to them the very next day.

    Friday, 3/4 (due 3/11):

    • Write about a time when you were completely relaxed. What were the circumstances? How long did the relaxation last? 
    • Write about a character who gets a newspaper delivered to their door every day, but instead of today's paper, they get tomorrow's paper. It tells them what's going to happen today.
    • What was a favorite toy you had as a child? What appealed to you about it? Write about a memory involving that toy.

    Friday, 3/11 (due 3/18):

    • Write about a natural disaster of some sort (forest fire, tsunami, volcano eruption, tornado, mudslide, etc). You could write about a personal experience, or you could write a person v. nature story in which your characters are faced with survival as a result of the natural disaster.
    • What is something you've always been scared of? Write in the future tense about how and when you will overcome this fear.
    • Write a fictional story in which the main character discovers that someone whom they trust is not who they thought they were.

    Thursday, 4/14 (due 4/22):

    • What is your opinion of standardized tests? Explain.
    • What would be the benefits and drawbacks of having to wear a uniform to school? Explain.
    • Write a creative piece about someone who brings home a stray animal only to slowly discover that the animal has special powers. You decide if they will be powers for evil or powers for good.

    Friday, 4/22 (due 4/29):

    • One of my favorite quotes from a YA book is from Crossed by Allie Condie. "In the end you can't always choose what to keep. You can only choose how to let it go." Write about a time when you had to let go of something you held dear. Alternately, you could write a fictional story about a character who has to let go of something. It could be something tangible or intangible.
    • Rewrite a famous fairytale from the villain's perspective. What would the big bad wolf have to say about Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma?
    • What is your favorite and least favorite season? What makes it better/worse than all the others?

    Friday, 4/29 (due 5/6):

    • The idea of someone having a doppelganger that they're unaware of is an intriguing one. Write a story in which your main character discovers someone who looks exactly like them, down to the color of the eyes, the texture of the hair, the facial mannerisms, and the way the cross their arms, etc. Your character then discovers that this person has more of a connection to them than just their looks.
    • Make a list of things you think people in our society don't understand that you think they should understand. It could be knowledge you don't think most people have, or skills most people don't have but should, or maybe a perspective on the world that you think is largely missing from our society. Explain why this knowledge, skill, or perspective would be useful.
    • Using only dialogue, write a short story about a first date, a reunion between old friends, an argument that gets heated, an adult explaining something to a child, or the reveal of a long-hidden secret.

    Friday, 5/6 (due 5/13):

    • Write about how the world would be different if some important historical event had either happened differently or hadn't happened at all. For example, how would the world be different if the US had never bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II? If you'd prefer, you can go with something more personal with this prompt as well. For example, how would your life be different if you had never moved to Brimley? etc.
    • Write a story in which the main character is an inanimate object. Can it communicate? Can it move from one place to another? Does every inanimate object in your story have these abilities? 
    • Choose a class that is not currently taught in school but should be taught. Who should teach it? Why would it be important? How should the class be run?