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    2nd Hour: 10:00-10:45


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    4th Hour: 1:30-2:15


    Welcome to my page. I graduated from N.M.U. with a major in Physical Education and minor in Health Education. I also have a Masters degree (M.A.E.) in Education Administration. I've taught in the far west (Wakefield) and far east (Sault, Brimley) ends of the  U.P. and at one point or  another have taught every grade level K-12. In addition to teaching I have enjoyed coaching various sports throughout most of my life. I have coached baseball, volleyball, softball, track, soccer, and most of my experience comes from basketball where I have coached to some extend or another for 20 years. With the exception of soccer and softball, I have coached at the Varsity level in each of the aforementioned sports. I also was blessed to get to play basketball for a year while in college before ankle injuries half way through the year ended my playing days. 


    Aside from teaching and coaching I have been happily married to my wife, Erin, for 12 years. Together we have three amazzing kids: Joy, 10; James, 8; and Jonathan, 5. We all enjoy playing games together (especially sequence and qwirkle), going for walks, hikes in the woods, going to see waterfalls and camping among other things. Though I travel very little at this point in my life, I am a traveler at heart. I've enjoyed trips to San Diego, Dallas, Denver, Virginia Beach, Jacksonville (both Florida and North Carolina), Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Washington, DC., the Grand Canyon to name a few places across the U.S. Internationally I've so far only been able to visit Brazil, but it was amazing! The best part was the all you can eat buffet known for their steaks (especially their fileg mignon, which was the best I've ever tasted). The other best part of this buffet was that it only cost approximately $4 american money! Some of the places I would most love to visit one day include (in no particular order) Jerusalem, Rome, Athens, Cairo, and New York and Alaska to name a few.



    2020-2021 Block Schedule semster 2. 

    1st Hour   8:15-9:59     High School P.E. 

    2nd Hour  10:04-11:00   Junior High PE

    3rd Hour   11:47-1:29    High School Health

    4th Hour   1:37-3:15  High School PE