Mr. Joel Moore



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Joel Moore

Welcome to my teacher bio! 


Before my teaching career officially began, I attended N.M.U. (where the "N" stands for nowledge!). I graduated with honors in Dec. 2008 with a major in Physical Education and a minor in Health Education. From there I did my student teaching at Marquette High School where I also was an assistant coach for the girls varsity basketball team. My teaching career has taken me as far as southern Illinois as well as both ends of the U.P., as far West as Wakefield and far east as Sault Ste. Marie. I have been lucky enough to teach all grades in P.E. and have done both junior high and high school health. In addition to teaching I spent two years in administration as an assistant principal/athletic director. To be honest, I enjoyed the athletic director part but not so much the administration aspect. While the pay was better, I was not made to sit behind a desk. 


After my short time in administration I had an opportunity to try something new, so I joined the law enforcement side and became a corrections officer. While only spending a year in the prison system, I can honestly say I learned a lot, saw a lot, and have a new respect for those that work in prison or any type of law enforcement. When an opportunity for me to teach in the Sault became available, I switched from the prison back to teaching. While the prison was a good place of employment, I don't regret my decision to go back into teaching one bit. Despite being in the Sault for only a year, when I learned that Brimley had an open teaching position in my field and a chance to get back into coaching basketball, I began to explore that opportunity. Initially I was just going to stay in the Sault district- I really did love it there, however I've always enjoyed the smaller schools and community/family type atmosphere more than the anonymity of larger schools. That was what ultimately led me to switch from the Sault to Brimley. All together I am beginning my 9th years in teaching. 


In addition to teaching I have enjoyed coaching throughout most of my life. I have coached baseball (1 year), volleyball (4 years), softball (5 years), track (1 year), and soccer (1 year) and most of my experience comes from basketball where I have coached to some extend or another for over 15 years. In everything except softball and soccer I have coached at the Varsity level, including 6 years of varsity experience in basketball. I have also run many successful tournaments, almost exclusively in basketball with a dash of volleyball tournaments thrown in.


Aside from teaching and coaching, I just enjoyed my 10th anniversary to my beautiful wife, Erin. Together we have three amazing kids: Joy, 8; James, 5; and Jonathan, 3.