•  This year's game challenge is called Aerial Assist! Aerial Assist is a game almost like soccer, but the game calls for using a two foot diameter ball. There are 4 goals for this year's robots to aim for, each varying in height and point rate. The field is separated into three zones of equal length and width. The colors are Blue, White, and Red. Across the middle of the field, there is a truss which allowes the robots to throw the ball over the truss for bonus points. Below are some useful links to help you get better familiarized with the subject material. l. For the moment there is a link that will take you to the animated video for Ultimate Ascent on YouTube, but that video will be directly incorporated into this page relatively soon, depending on how busy we are with the robot. 

    Here is the video for the 2014 description: FIRST FRC 2014 Competition Video 
    The link of the description of the Aerial Assist competition:

    The link of the details of the Aerial Assist Events: