•   This year, our robotics team is taking part in the second competition. This year's challenge is Ultimate Ascent, the link for the YouTube animation is located at: (to be posted). Here are some images below of our progress so far this year:
    The Shooter:
    We are currently building our frame for the robot this year. We have successfully managed to create a shooter that is capable of launching the disk over 50 feet horizontally, and around 16 feet into the air. Our shooter is composed of 2 pneumatics that are connected to two motors on two separate victors. It is currently in the beta phase. For those that do not possess the imaginary capacity to visualize that, below are two images of the beta prototype. It is standalone at the moment, but it will be incorporated into the frame relatively soon.
     Our Prototype Shooter  
    Our final shooter is in the process of being designed. We are using Aluminite  as the surface for the disk to be placed on. Below is the image of our shooter drying from the adhesive that was applied to it:

    Our Mentor, Kris Zakfield, is working on tightening the motors

    The Frame: 

    After we more or less finished the shooter, we worked towards assembling the frame. Due to certain aspects of the game, we had to have ours welded in a few corners to make room for the design 
    Early Version  
    We added the electronics and set up the robot to do a test drive. This resulted in the belts being tweaked to work better with the wheels. We  added two more CIM motors to our gearbox (Because we could, that's why). Now we will have to adjust our code in LabView to account for the two new victors and motors. From there, we will mount on our shooter and pickup system. Below is a picture of one of the most current photos.
    Adding the other CIMs and such