Welcome to Third Grade!




    Please go over all the following information carefully to help you and your child become familiar with our classroom rules, procedures, and policies. 




    Homework Policy




    Your child will be asked to read at home every night for at least 15 minutes.  I would prefer 30 minutes.  Your child  is to read for enjoyment and may choose what he or she would like to read.  I believe that the more you read, the better you will become.  There may be an occasional special project to complete at home for science or social studies.  If your child does not complete his or her math assignment, then it becomes homework.  Any other work that your child brings home is work that was not completed in class.  I give time to complete assignments in class, but if the time is not used properly, then your child will have to finish it at home.




    It is imperative for your child to turn in assignments on time.  This teaches responsibility and ensures that your child does not fall behind.  Any assignment that is not turned in becomes a zero.




    Classroom Rules


              Be Respectful


    ·       Use kind words


    ·       Accept others & their differences


    ·       Use low voices


    Be Responsible


    ·       Do your best work


    ·       Turn in assignments when they are due


    ·       Arrive on-time with learning supplies


    ·       Stay on-task


    Be Safe


    ·       Keep hands & feet to self


    ·       Keep all work areas clean


    ·       Use classroom tools & furniture correctly


    Be Ready to Learn


    ·       Follow directions the first time


    ·       Sit with voice off during instruction


    ·       Be an active learner




    Consequences for breaking rules results in cards being changed on behavior chart.  Your child will be bringing home a paper each day showing you what color card he/she ended the day on.


    ·       Green: Great job!  Keep up the good work!


    ·       Yellow:  Warning! Stop! 


    ·      White:  Behavior plan needed. 


    ·       Red: Office Referral






    Periodically good behavior will be rewarded in a reward.








    Special Schedule




    Below is the schedule for out special classes.  Please remind your child to wear the appropriate shoes on gym days.


    ·       Monday:  Gym 


    ·       Tuesday: Library


    ·       Wednesday:  Gym 


    ·       Thursday:  Music


    ·       Friday:  Gym (every other Friday)




    Water Bottles




    I allow the students to use water bottles in class. Studies show that the brain functions better when it gets plenty of water.  Water bottles should be marked with the student's name and hold only water. Pop, juice, and Gatorade type drinks are not allowed.










    When I am teaching, your child may not leave the room unless it is an extreme emergency. Your child may leave when he or she is working on his or her assignments.  However, if the bathroom pass is gone, he or she will wait until it returns.






    When I am teaching, your child may not get a drink.  Your child may have a drink when he or she is working on his or her assignments, however, only one person at a time at the sink.






    Pencils may be sharpened first thing in the morning and afternoon.  If you break your lead, get one of the spare pencils in the pencil can.




    What to Do When You Finish Your Work




    1.   You may use anything on the “free time” shelves.  However, please take the item and bring it to a quiet area in the room. You may play with ONE other person only. USE WHISPER VOICES.




    2.   You may read a book in the library or at your desk.




    3.   You may color a picture.




    4.   You may write a story or a letter to someone.


     I am looking forward to this being a fun and successful year for all of us.




    Mrs. Ver Strate


    248-3217 ext. 543