• 2012 F.R.C Traverse City Event

       The 2012 Rebound Rumble event in Traverse City was our first robotic trip. As it was our first year, we were a little inexperienced. We arrived late on Thursday night and got our robot unpacked and got everything mostly set up right before the closing time for that night. The actual event did not start until Friday morning, however a power outage  delayed the start of the event. You see, when all the teams left their stuff plugged in and the breaker was switched off for the night on Thursday, no one thought of the massive draw that would be created the next morning when the breaker was turned back on. It was simply too much for the generators to handle. So that knocked out power to the entire school and pit area. It took about an hour for power to be restored, and then the event was successfully started again. 
        Our first day troubles were all abound. On our third event for that day, our robot suffered major damage after a collision course with the bridge. It literally ripped out a major part of our pickup system. We worked as quickly as possible to repair it, and we were back in the game for our final match of that day. Despite being underestimated since our robot was primarily being made out of wood, we did unexpectedly good. Our second day was even better than the first. We had a win after win, thus earning the place of 12th out of 40. However, we were selected to participate in the finals. We managed to make it to the semi-finales before finally losing. For a first year, we considered this to be an excellent year.
    Below are some videos of some matches we participated in: