3rd Hour: 10:08-10:59

    5th Hour: 12:32-1:23



    Stacy's Quizlet for the ATOD test



    Welcome to High School Health! 

    Below you can see the units we expect to cover during the year. Please understand this may change slightly. Regardless of which units we choose to do (or possibly not do), my health classes will center around two central themes:

    1.) life is about choices.

                *Choices can have benefits and/or consequences. Some life choices are win/win, some are lose/lose, sometimes our choice is easy sometimes it's hard. Regardless 

                choice we have before us, health is about putting yourself in a position to make the best possible choice for you, the individual.

    2.) Health is Life. Life is Health.

               *Everything we do, every decision we make impacts our health in some way or another. Use common sense and trust your gut. 


    Pertaining to health class, below is a general list of things you should know regarding expectations as we move forward through the year. 

    *Students will be required to keep a journal. The journal will be a quasi-daily routine, or in simpler terms, we'll journal semi-regularly. When we are working on group projects or taking a test are examples of times during the year we won't do journals during any given day. Journals will be graded daily. 


    *Bring your phones to class. There will be times you can use them. However, also keep in mind I am pretty strict when it comes to phones. If you are using them when you're not supposed to be, I will turn them into the office and you'll receive minimally a written referral. With that said, we will use them at times so bring them just in case. We'll talk more specifically about phone use during class time


    *I mentioned journals earlier, know that it's expected students are already journaling when the bell rings. A daily journal prompt will be on the board for you when you enter class. Begin writing immediately.


    *We will take a lot of notes during the course of the year. If you lose your notes, you will have a very hard time passing this class. They make up approximately 40% of your grade. If I have to print a second copy for you because you lost them or didn't take care of them, expect a grade reduction- 10% each time I give you an extra copy).


    *Seats will be assigned at my discretion







    Health Overview

    Mental/Emotional Health

    ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, & other Drugs)


    Safety/First Aid

    Physial Health and/or Systems of the Body




    Vaping Video