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    Quote of the week: "If at first you don't succeed, skydiving probably isn't for you."


    Welcome to middle school! Middle School PE focuses mostly on team sports and learning concepts related to team sports. As such, most of what we do in class will revolve around some type of team sport. Below you will find a list of expectations and regulations pertaining to class. 


    *Students can bring their phones to class. We will occassionally do circuit training, mile runs, etc. in which students will be allowed to listen to music while working out. Phone guidelines and expectations will be gone over more in depth in class. 


    Students need to dress appropriate for class in order to receive full credit.  


    On occassion, class may take place in an outside setting. Students should be ready and dress appropriately for such settings. They will still be required to participate as normal, they may just need to dress a little warmer (especially with the U.P. weather!). I will try to let students know ahead of time when class will take place outside. (like Monday 9/13, when we're running a mile).


    Since Physical Education requires active participation from each student, students are expected to be dressed appropriately and take part in daily activities to receive points for the day. If a student does not have appropriate dress, they may be asked to sit out for the day and will lose points for that day. If a student does not dress ("no dress") 3 times during the semester, they may possibly rerceive detention and/or written referral. If a student has an unexcused absence, it will count as a "no dress" for that day.  It should be noted that a student who brings a note from a parent is not excused from participation for that day, and it will still count as a no dress for that student for the day. Just like a student needs to complete all their math or english assignments to receive credit, students need to participate each day to receive credit. Daily participation is the equivalent to their daily assignment for class. Students must complete their assignments (being active within class) to receive credit. 


     *We will go over more expectations and regulations the first couple of days of class. 


    As a class we will run the mile 5 times throughout the semester. Since a lot of the semester takes place during the winter months, these mile runs may be close together. However, we will not run it more than once a week. If we are unable to run the mile enough times due to weather, we will replace it with the PACER test. 


    If a student sees a doctor for any reason and needs to miss class, please have the doctor be specific on the note and not just tell you what the student can/can't do. Also ask the doctor put a time attached to the restrictions. I've had cross country students who could run or do sit-ups on the side (even though they wanted to) because a doctor's note said "no activities," even though they only had a broken finger. Some injuries may in fact require no activity for a short time, but most minor injuries will still allow a student to do light activity to some extent. 


    Students will receive 5 pts/day for active participation on most days. Activities that are higher intensity (mile run, circuit workouts) will be worth more points. The mile run is worth 15 points and circuits will range from 10-20 points, depending on the focus and intensity of the circuit. We will do a circuit at least once each week. A typical week will be worth 40-50 points total.