If you have health you have hope, and if you have hope, you have everything.

         -Arabian Proverb 


    Welcome to middle school Health! Below you will find some key points pertaining to this class. 


    *If you need to reach me, the best way tends to be via email: joelmoore2@eupschools.org 


    *I rarely (if ever) offer extra credit. If students are effective and utilize their time in class, the need for extra credit rarely exists.  


    *As part of our social health unit students will be asked to volunteer 10 hours of their time to community. The goal is to give us a better understanding of both the social aspects of health as well as develop and foster a sense of community from within the school. They'll have the entire semester to complete 10 hours of community volunteer time. Some ideas off the top of my head in which students could potentially be involved include: selling 50/50 tickets at a Brimley sporting event, filiming a game for one of the Brimley teams, helping your church clean up after potluck Sunday, assist a teacher at lunch, of offer your services by lending a hand with Boys and Girls club. These are just a few options, the list is endless of ways to get involved. We will look into possibly doing a highway cleanup day once or twice during the year as well to offer class hours towards this. 


    *For this class, students will be required to keep a journal during the semester. I ask the notebook used for the journal be specific to health class, meaning the notebook will contain ONLY health journals. A notebook with multiple subjects is acceptable, as long as journals are specific to one part of the notebook. Students will need these journals in class most days but should have them and be ready with them every day. There is a spot designated in the classroom for students to keep their journals (so they don't forget them), and students will rarely need to take them home to complete as they should have plenty of class time to finish them. While the class is strictly points based, when all is said and done, the journals will be worth approximately 30% of their total grade for the semester. 


    *Finally, despite not giving extra credit,  I do make a limited time offer to students at the start of the school year which generally will last the first two weeks of school (it may be cut short). While this is not extra credit, this offer will allow students to get out of one journal of their choice while still receiving full credit for the journal (at my discretion). THERE  IS A LIMIT OF 7 JOURNALS STUDENTS WILL BE ALLOWED A PASS FOR.



    For each of the following items from the list below, students will receive a "get out of journal free" pass: 

    1 notebook (I keep extra notebooks for students who "forget" to ask their parents or whose dog at their previous one for journals)

    100 rubber bands (limit 3 sets of 100)

    15 ping pong balls (no limit)

    36 solo cups (red or blue) (limit 5 sets of 36)

    20 balloons (limit 2 sets of 20

    1 pack oreos (no limit, we can always eat....I mean use more oreos)

    4 empty kleenex boxes (limit 2 sets of 4)

    4 empty 2 liters bottles (limit 1 set of 4)

    1 roll duct tape

    1 bag of smarties (limit 3 total)

    5 golf balls (limit 5 sets of 5)


    *Students may combine from different areas to get to seven journal passes: Student A may bring 25 golf balls (5 passes), 1 roll of duct tape (1 pass) and 20 balloons (1 pass) whereas student B may bring 105 ping pong balls (7 x 15 = 105) and student C may bring one of each of 7 different lists. They may mix and match any way up to 7 journals