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    Quote of the week: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right."  


     6th Hour: 1:27-2:19


    Welcome to Middle School Health. The journey known as junior high has officially underway! Below you will find a few important pieces of information specific to this class.


    *We will have a google classroom set up. The link will be here in the near future.

    *I don't offer extra credit, so don't ask. Do the work I provide, none of it is overwhelming or daunting, and most of it is done in class. 

    *I grade strictly based off points, not weighted categories. For those not familiar, an example of a weighted cateogry would mean a 10 point quiz is worth more than a 10 point assignment if quizzes weight more heavily than assignments. Since I don't use weighted categories, all points are equal. 

    *The only thing students need for class on a daily basis are a folder (must be specific for class, no other work in it), and a writing utensil. A positive attitude helps, but is not required. 

    *Speaking of positive attitudes- I will challenge many of you. If there is a central theme we use in health it's that health is life, and life is full of choices. Every single choice we make impacts our health in some way or another. Whether it be our mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, a different area of health or even a combination of many areas of health, our main goal in health is to educate ourselves and hopefully put us in the right frame of mind to make positive life decisions. 

    *On that note, health is not like most classes. In Math, A squared plus B squared equals C squared. In health A squared plus B squared may equal Q one day and the square root of 16 squared another day. Our health is constantly in motion. 

    *As part of the health curriculum, students will be required to complete community service/volunteer hours. Research shows that students who are involved in their community are more likely to suceed. If a student needs help finding hours, they can let me know and I can supply a few options. To parents: this is not meant to add an extra stress to you, don't stress about trying to find a way to get them somewhere. There are a few opportunites even within the school, depending on their schedules. I'm flexible with what I allow, but one of the biggest things I don't allow is that the student can't volunteer for an immediate family member. Again, the point is to get them involved outside their bubbles so to speak. 



    ***If this is still here, I am still working on finishing things pertinent to this class: please check back





    Health Overview

    Mental/Emotional Health

    Social Health